Kieselstein-Cord (BKC) for over four decades has remained a critically acclaimed, international, award-winning legendary luxury brand founded by American designer, artist, and photographer Barry Kieselstein-Cord.

There is exquisite power and intrinsic value in BKC branded products, which have been prominently displayed in BKC luxury and specialty stores around the world including Madison Avenue and Soho in New York, in Dallas, Los Angeles, Aspen, Chicago, Palm Beach, Las Vegas, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, San Moritz, Jakarta, Singapore, and Moscow.

The BKC brand is celebrated, coveted and collected, from its fine jewelry to its signature belt buckles to its exotic luxury leather handbags.

“Barry Cord is a national treasure, he is arguably the most important designer in America”.
Bartle Bull, Renowned Author, Attorney, Former Publisher, The Village Voice